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What We Do

BoostMyGrade offers solutions for busy and overwhelmed students looking to ace their courses. Our professionals are expert students who guarantee passing grades for exams, quizzes, papers, and entire classes. Our 12 years of experience means we can ace any assignment, and we are able to offer you customized solutions to meet your individual academic needs.

We understand that passing grades are critical to the future success of the students that work with us. We take our business seriously and are the only online class-taking service that allows you to communicate directly with your expert tutor through our advanced notes system. You can also escalate issues, ask questions, and manage your entire online class from your dashboard.

Are your online classes a bore? Aren’t quite getting the grades to cut it? We specialize in completing your entire college online class from start to finish. Count on us to complete your entire semester and finish with a passing grade!

Our expert tutors have all graduated from top universities, and many hold Ph.D. or Master’s degrees in a wide array of subjects. Our team is more than qualified to take your online exams and tests and finish assignments in almost every subject.

Do you get test anxiety or have trouble finding the time to study? Do you find yourself thinking, “I wish I could pay someone to take test for me”? BoostMyGrade will work with you and match you to an expert in your subject, who will take your exam for you. Your expert will study for over eight (8) hours to prepare for your exam and guarantee a passing grade.

Tests are stressful, but they don’t have to be.

BoostMyGrade is your #1 destination for online test completion!

Are you pressed for time? Maybe you are cramming for an exam and don’t have time to complete that homework assignment. BoostMyGrade offers help with online classes. If you need us to complete just one or two assignments for a class or want to work with us for the entire semester, we are here to design a plan that works best for you.

Our team will quote you a price based on the difficulty and time limits for each assignment.

Do you struggle with writing essays? BoostMyGrade offers 100% original essays, written specifically for your assignment, guaranteed.

We ensure the authenticity of all of our essays and encourage students to run our work through a free plagiarism checker before submitting it to their professor.

Our talented team of professionals will work with you to create projects and presentations that make your professor’s jaw drop, from undergrad level to MBA. Whether it’s a Sig Sigma project or Harvard Business Review case studies, BoostMyGrade has you covered.

Send over your project details now, and we will get you started!